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    How to do set extension after zooming out from a specific part of a place?

    wat d hell editor

      Hello Experts

      So grateful to use this platform to extend my knowledge in after effects,

      I have been committed to work on a project, below is the requirement of my work


      Real Scene:

      A drone shot. Starting from inside of a open football stadium the drone just flies out of stadium (like zooming out) revealing a high class city around the stadium while the cam keeps going up.



      When the drone flies out of stadium the city around it which is getting revealed should be removed and instead of a high class city, they need something else like a desert for example.


      how do I make this possible, i tried few methods to mask out the stadium and place it in-between the dessert and composite it which is perfect, but the original footage which is already zooming out needs to continue zooming out while revealing the desert. Not able to do it.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much in advance.