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    How to find duplicates on size and contents only?

    adwul62 Level 1

      I have multiple duplicate PDF files. They definitely are the same, contents-wise.

      Acrobat compare files shows no differences. File sizes are the same, dates (not times) are the same.

      But they have different hashes (there is technical reason why this, but not very much relevant)

      So, sizes, contents, metadata and dates are the same.


      The usual duplicate files finder tools, they take hashes into account and therefore they are of no use.

      Acrobat can compare 1 file with another one.

      Regretfully I have not found a way where files within an entire folder is being compared, based on above criteria,

      thus marking files as (possible) duplicates.


      Are there any solution for this?

      Except, of course, going thru the entire folder and manually delete duplicates.