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    I can't open my RAW (NEF) files with my portable photoshop cs6 even after installing CameraRAW 9.1.1

    Yukeo Danny Level 1

      Hello everyone,

      I have a problem since I reinstalled my windows,

      Before I reinstalled my windows I had the same photoshop but there was a difference, I had a Plug-in that I've found on the internet long time ago.

      Even if I install whatever version of CameraRAW I cannot open my NEF files in my version of photoshop

      Camera that I use is a Nikon D80. I only need the plug-in so I can copy it in the Plug-in files from my photoshop, if anyone can help me with that plug-in I'll thank him soooo much, he will be my life saviour.

      Thanks for your attention, I hope you can help me!