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    adjustament layer hidden by the layer palette 2015 cc

    Giovannivolontè Level 1


      today i was working on an image , camera raw ->smart object

      and after several adjustament layers , i start to have all my adjustmament layers hidden by the layer palette


      i had not taken sadly a screenshot but the layer palette was always on the top

      and the adjustament layer like curve hidden partially


      i had to save , reload cc 2015 last version


      layer palette



      here the adjustament layer was working and not hidden

      it looks like this



      i tried to re-create the issue without luck ,but it looks  similar like the last screenshot


      does somebody had such issue?

      windows 10 pro 64bit , photoshop cc 2015 last update

      please don't tell me to use 2017 , i need a solid version


      plugins only nik plugin bundle last version

      extension lumenzia last verstion , raya 2 last version , tk 4 & 5