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    Simple questions about epub fonts

    Debby Texas

      I exported a book to epub from inDesign with a handful of fonts. I'm not sure I need embedded fonts so I eliminated all of the @font-face css and now all styles are simply font-family: serif or font-family: sans-serif and it seems to work. When I open the book in iBooks or Kindle every font face inherits the font selected by the reader and ignores the serif/sans-serif distinction and it acted this way before I eliminated the @font-face css. Here are some basic questions.


      1. If the device defaults to the font selected by the reader (serif or sans-serif) regardless of the specified font-family in the css rule, do I even need to include a font-family for any of the css rules?


      2. I don't want to embed fonts but if I do specify font families used by the device (Georgia and Helvetica for instance) should the device honor the rule? In other words, if the css for chapter and subchapter headings is san-serif and the rest remainder of the text is serif, will they display that way? I ask because before I removed the specific font families, all fonts faces defaulted to the one selected by the reader and, in most instances, ignored the serif and sans-serif distinction. I tested it with one simple page of text with a sans-serif heading (Ariel) and serif (Georgia) text and it still ignored the serif/sans-serif distinction.