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    DESPERATE Newbie Getting Black Screen After AE Transparent Rendering


      Hello Everyone,


      I am a medium-level Premiere Pro user, but just started on After Effects.


      Basically, I needed a stock footage clip to have it's background made transparent, and then superimposed over a few images.


      I was successful in creating the sequence, which can be found here:




      I have read volumes on rendering transparent footage, and have tried the AVI and Quicktime formats, and set RGB + Alpha, and make it Straight (Unmatted)


      But over and over I get the two static images but not the clip with the transparency:


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      I am trying to import this into Premiere Pro as part of a project, and even when using the Dynamic Link, I still have this result.


      PLEASE PLEASE HELP...I am under the gun and on a deadline, and have nowhere else to turn on a Sunday.  Thanks very much in advance.