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    Brush, Pencil and all tool strokes not registering when drawing rapidly

    Goodsniff_ Level 1

      Hey All,


      I've just migrated all my data to a new computer, and both versions of Flash I have (CS5 & CC 2015) are now experiencing this problem.


      When I draw rapidly, every second brush stroke doesn't register.


      It's not just the Brush and Pencil tool either. It's all tools that I've tested: Eraser, Lasso, Line Tool, Free Transform, Rectangle Tool etc are all dropping 'strokes' when I try to use them rapidly.


      It happens when using my Cintiq, but not with mouse. It doesn't exist in any other Adobe program. I downloaded Animate CC 2017 to see if it was a glitch caused by migration, that doesn't seem to be the case. The problem also exists in Animate.


      I'm using a 2015 iMac, Sierra OS, 32GB of RAM. Cintiq 27QHDT with up to date drivers.


      I've been really digging around and found people with similar problems, but no solution. Would love to hear from anyone that could help :^)