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    Export whole projects/Import psds

    anniew89350460 Level 1

      Could you please add the ability to export whole projects so I don't have to do it one by one? I'm using sketch to illustrate books (when the page size allows!) and it takes so long just to get the files to my computer one at a time. Even a wired option would be helpful.


      Also, it would be nice if you could import psds. I may have already mentioned this elsewhere but right now I don't want to delete the files on my ipad because if I ever want to work on a file again I'd have to export the whole thing to layers and then re-import each layer one by one.


      Thank you.

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Annie.


          The ability to export an entire project to PDF is something that was added to Comp CC not too long ago; my hope is that, although I haven't heard anything about whether it might, the feature will eventually make it to the drawing apps. About the ability to import PSDs: I completely understand that adding that capability would be useful for a lot of people (we do get a number of requests for it) but I don't know when it might be incorporated into Sketch.


          I'll share both requests with the product team. Thanks for taking the time to post.



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