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    Export aspect ratio changed


      Hello all,


      I am really confused by something that I got no problem doing in the past and rather simple : exporting photos.

      So I have RAF photos (fuji raw files) and I want to export them as JPEGs.

      These photos come from a Fuji X100T.


      The original aspect ratio is 3264 x 4896 which is long for 2/3

      The exported aspect ratio is 2760 x 4896 which is long for 9/16


      Here are the export settings :

      Percentage 100%.

      I want to resize the images to 1200 but for simplicity sake in this discussion I resize to 100%.


      I have tried to resize with long edge set to 1200 and still the same issue about the aspect ratio being changed to 16/9.





      I would appreciate if someone could shed light on this, there must be something wrong somewhere that I missed.