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    what resource does AE use for timeline rendering of puppet animation?


      I want to do some puppet animation on after effect cs6 with images painted on photoshopcs6. Im expecting some rather heavy rigging made of large bitmaps in complex scenes. I want to makes full use  2.5D (flat elements animated in a 3D space...). I also want to use plenty of camera movements and custom cameras. I don't expect to create actuals 3d shapes... I may use plugins for rubber hose effect...


      I want the timeline to stay responsive. I want to animate something and be able to preview it as fast as possible.

      I want the software to be as responsive as possible during work basically...


      My graphic card left me for a better world and I need to replace it. Some question to help me in my choice couldn't find answers.


      • I was wondering if the kind of work I'm asking from after effect take the resources from the cpu or the graphic card?
      • in which way would a high end graphic card make my workflow more fluid?
      • can a flat layer that I would bend or curve be rendered only through ray tracing?


      Thank you for any help and I truly hope I expressed myself in an understandable way