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    WHY My Camera Raw looks different (lack of some tools and panels)


      camera raw normal view.jpgcamera raw problem.jpg

      Hello to all,


      I am a new user of Adobe Elements 15 and Camera Raw 9.8.


      I have bought some manuals HOW TO work in Camera Raw but I found that my ACR looks much different than these one's in manuals foto.

      In bookmarks of panels there is only "Basic" "Details" and "camera calibration" - it is my translation from Polish to English.

      So there is no: HSL/Grayscale, toning split, lens correction, effects adn the rest of panels.

      In the tools I do not have:  filters - gradual and radial, no brush,

      Additionaly no workflow options...


      Here in attachemet I put my printscreen to show U what I mean and additionaly an image of "ACR as in my manuals".


      I tried to re-instal my Photoshop Elements 15 and not to update Camera Raw from 9.6 to 9.8 - nothig helped.

      I tried to open other raw files than these ones from my Olym[us OM-D EM 1 and it works/looks the same.


      Please explain me why my ACR look different or tell what to do to see all metioned tools and panels in ACR.


      Thanks in advance.


      BTW: sorry for my poor English and probably silly question - but I try to follow another steps from my manuals and I can not.

      Thanks once again for your help