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    Warp Stabilizer and 3D Camera Tracker Crash


      Whenever i'm using warp stabilizer or 3d camera tracker it always crashed and showed me error messages

      it crash on 2nd phase after AE analyzing at 1st phase, i think it always crash on plugin that have blue or orange ribbon inside the preview

      i get the first error on my After Effects 2015 and then i updated AE to the latest including the patch 14.1 i thought it will solve my problem

      but duhhh... it happened again i don't know why


      and then this error message is followed by 0 :: 42 error message.

      i'm using After Effect or an updated version of 2017 running on Windows 10 build 1607

      and i'm using MP4 MPEG H264 from a cellphone camera, i'm also trying to encode it first on media encoder but show the same error

      btw i'm beginner at AE so i didn't know the technical things