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    Co-Tagging for visemes / mouth shapes possible?

    El Wombat Level 2



      is it possible to do co-tagging of visemes/mouth shapes?




      The viseme "surprised" works well once I make a "fish-mouth" expression. This viseme is triggered by this expression, and, loads perfectly.


      Now I wanted to add a "surprised" graphic for the eyes, too. I added that layer group, named and tagged it "surprised", told it to "hide others in group" so as to replace the old eyes with a surprised look but that didn't seem to work.




      A similar addition of features would be nice for "smile", or, in fact, any viseme, also for the ones that are audio-controlled. Like, say, I have a very characteristic "Ee" and I want some facial features to match it, then it would be nice to simply tag those features "Ee", like the viseme, and thereby triggering all of it at the same time as soon as anyone says "Ee" into the mic.




      But, like I said, that didn't work.


      Am I missing on something or is it rather a "feature request"?