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    websafe colors in imported illustrator art

      I'm using CS3 and creating artwork in Illustrator then importing the art into flash. When I choose a websafe color in illustrator and import the file into flash the color shifts to other numbers. For example, If I choose #003399 in illustrator, when I import that graphic into flash, the color is changed to #002187.

      I have to re-color EACH piece of art after I get it into flash.

      I have no idea how to fix this.

      My illustrator document mode is set to RGB. I have played with color settings, assigned profiles, used sRGB, synchronized applications to monitor and web standards. I've combed these forums and the web in general, and I can't find any reference to this issue that has any valuable information in it.

      Anyone here have a comment at all about this? Does everyone have this problem or is it just me?