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    stroke around copied and stretched shapes is not even

    Clueless in Adobe

      I created a rectangle and then needed two more whose height was exactly the same as the original, but whose length varied from the original.  The original shape was created in it's own layer using the pen tool.  The other two shapes were created by selecting the original and hitting ctrl-d twice, and then resizing their length as I required.  I then added a stroke to all 3.  The stroke width is not even around the two copied shapes.  That is, the stroke is wider on the short ends of the copied shapes whereas on the original it is even all around.  I suppose this makes sense since the two copied rectangles were stretched to be made longer, but it is not what I need - I need the stroke to be the same width around the long and short sides of the shape.


      Some googling indicated I should remove the original stroke and change the order in which it's applied by moving it from under the 'shape 1' area in the layer panel.  This did not work.  In the first case of moving it under the 'shape 1' area (so it is not indented underneath 'shape 1' but is outside and after it) there is no change to it's appearance - the width of the stroke is still too wide.  In the next instance I moved the stroke property to be above 'shape 1' but this only made the stroke disappear entirely which is even more puzzling.


      As always, any help appreciated.  It seems I took my sweet time in marking my last question as correct - I promise more prompt replies and marking on the correct answer to this inquiry - I'm sure it's another easy one.  Thanks as always,

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Wrong workflow. You did not resize the shape, you scaled it and scaleis a transform property that is applied to the whole shape group. There's a difference between actualyl changing shape parameters like width and height or moving the anchor points of a freeform path vs. just selecting the group and stretching out the transform bounding box. I suggest you really take your time to understand this stuff and read the help rather than spending endless hours watching bad tutorials. With a proper understanding of how to structure and reorder your shape groups they can be a powerful tool, but pardon the directness, just mucking around will not give you the results you want in a controlled fashion.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I'm with Mulenium on this 100%. You scaled your pen tool drawn shape layer and you should have transformed the path. If you are working with rectangles you should not be using the Pen tool, you should be using the Rectangle tool and a shape layer, them modifying the properties of the rectangle. Draw one, press the U key twice to reveal the modified properties and then start duplicating and making size and position adjustments on Rectangle 1, not on the Shape Layer.


            You will know what I"m talking about if you spend 10 minutes with the help files. Type Shape Layers in the Search Help field at the top right corner of AE to find the info.

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              Clueless in Adobe Level 1

              I'm perfectly ok with an RTFM answer, even when that manual is long.  My problem after reading several different articles on shape layers and paths as suggested (curiously not all of which appear to be from Adobe but are linked from Adobe's help files), is that I still couldn't quite put the pieces together and figure out how to apply the stroke in a way that would apply the same width to the path vs following how it had been scaled.  I did learn some things about shape layers however which is of course always good.


              A couple things based on my persistence and in carefully reading the above reply from Rick.


              1) selecting the points on the path that I want and moving them to stretch the shape produced the desired result - the stroke stayed the same.  I understand now that I was changing the scale property in my previous workflow vs what I really wanted/should have done, which was moving two points of the path to create the desired effect.

              2) removing the stroke and right clicking on the layer and selecting stroke from the layer styles also produced the desired result.