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    "Unable to Erase Authentication. Please try after some time."


      First, let me state that I contacted Adobe customer support about this which was a complete waste of time. They sent me in circles, literally, by sending me back to the first customer service agent who sent me off to someone else in the first place. They sent me to the forums pages, which I had already tried multiple times before contacting customer service. When I pointed this out to them, they just shuffled me off to someone else who they claimed would be able to help me.


      That being said, apparently there are a lot of unresolved issues on the Adobe forum pages. It is a wonder why people keep using their products.


      My particular problem is that when I try to erase my previous Adobe ID from Adobe Digital Editions, it won't erase. My ebooks were purchased under a different Adobe ID (which I was not aware of at the time, or else I would have made sure these things aligned), so my ebooks won't open on my ADE. And since the ADE won't let me deauthorize the previous Adobe ID, I cannot read my books.


      Is there anyone out there who is actually helpful, since obviously Adobe Customer Service carries a false name.