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    How to add gender and age variables to my BMI calculation?


      I'm trying to build a calculator that works out the users BMI.

      I've managed to get this far at the moment, however I would like to add the users age and gender to the calculation.

      <!DOCTYPE html>




      <title>BMI Calculator</title>

      <script type="text/javascript">

          function computeBMI()


              //Obtain user inputs

              var height=Number(document.getElementById("height").value);

              var heightunits=document.getElementById("heightunits").value;

              var weight=Number(document.getElementById("weight").value);

              var weightunits=document.getElementById("weightunits").value;





              //Convert all units to metric

              if (heightunits=="inches") height/=39.3700787;

              if (weightunits=="lb") weight/=2.20462;

              if (heightunits=="cm") height/=100;



              //Perform calculation

              var BMI=weight/Math.pow(height,2);



              //Display result of calculation




              var output =  Math.round(BMI*100)/100

              if (output<18.5)

              document.getElementById("comment").innerText = "Underweight";

            else   if (output>=18.5 && output<=25)

              document.getElementById("comment").innerText = "Normal";

           else   if (output>=25 && output<=30)

              document.getElementById("comment").innerText = "Obese";

           else   if (output>30)

              document.getElementById("comment").innerText = "Overweight";

             // document.getElementById("answer").value = output;





      <h1>Body Mass Index Calculator</h1>

      <p>Enter your height: <input type="text" id="height"/>

          <select type="multiple" id="heightunits">

              <option value="metres" selected="selected">metres</option>

              <option value="inches">inches</option>

              <option value="cm">cm</option>



      <p>Enter your weight: <input type="text" id="weight"/>

          <select type="multiple" id="weightunits">

              <option value="kg" selected="selected">kilograms</option>

              <option value="lb">pounds</option>



      <input type="submit" value="computeBMI" onclick="computeBMI();">

      <h1>Your BMI is: <span id="output"></span></h1>



      <h2>This means you are: <span id="comment"></span> </h2>