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    are galleries expandable by clients?

    fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

      Hello out there,

      I know, that I just have to try it, (because I have some trouble with my Muse mostly always closing by itself when starting, it`s makes me unpatient to wait until tomorrow) – Are galleries expandable by clients?

      So that I start a gallery with let`s say 1 or 5 or 10 picture and the client is able to add more and more and more over time.

      I am aware that this may need some preparation like nesting the gallery in order to hope, that the nesting expands with the gallery, understand?


      This leads to the question, if Muse can handle this out of the box, maybe need a third party widget, thinking of a blog tool or so.


      Maybe I have to think of using Muse together with this Muse xpress? Or is it enough to have a blog widget?


      Thanks in advance