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    Indesign master page help!


      so I have made a 48 page booklet on indesign and then I have come to add page numbers and realised that every single page is a master page! i need to know if there is anyway I can remove these master pages without losing all my data that's on each page? Please help!

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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          I think the easiest option is to open the Pages panel and:

          1. Add the 24 2-page spreads as body pages
          2. Navigate to the first master page spread and Edit > Select All with the Selection tool (the black arrow)
          3. Edit > Copy
          4. Navigate to the first body page spread
          5. Edit > Paste in Place (to paste object in the exact same place they came from)
          6. Repeat steps 2–4 until everything that should be on a body page is on the body pages.


          Delete all the extra masters. Be sure to leave your repeating info (running heads, page numbers, repeating graphic elements) on the A-Master.

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