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    Adobe Reader V17.0 fails to open/find pdf files with Android 6.0?


      Adobe Reader Problem with Acer Tablet



      1. Verizon Tablet – Model QMV7A
        1. Android Version 4.2.2
        2. Adobe Acrobat Version 17.0
      2. Acer Tablet – Model BA-30
        1. Android Version 6.0
        2. Version 17.0
      1. Displays “My Documents” TABS: Recent/Local/Document Cloud/DropBox.
      2. Able to find *.pdf files stored on SD Card and “MENU” displays them under the RECENT Tab and also the LOCAL Tab.
      3. Able to toggle back and forth between MENU List and document display.
      • Launch installed Adobe Acrobat from Acer “desktop”.
      1. Displays static “Welcome to Acrobat Reader”. Unable to search for and find *.pdf files stored in internal memory and/or on SD card. 
      2. Static Display Instructions are to “Connect Reader to Adobe Document Cloud and other storage providers to access files anywhere”
      3. How do I “connect” Adobe Document Reader to Internal Storage and/or the SD Card?
      4. Can launch *.pdf file from SD Card “LIST” of *.pdf files; - and then toggle between the pdf file and the SD Card “LIST” of pdf files.