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    Javascript code for Unicode string splitting

    andreyk2314862 Level 1

      Hi everybody!

      I am working with emoJ in javascript. I want to do something look like on the site http://www.fancymessage.com

      For example, I have a message in unicode emoj:                                                  ⛄️ 

      How can I split every characters, I mean   ,   ,   ,   ,   , ...

      I just want to use javascript based libraries for client side: jquery, dojo... (not nodejs).

      I try to process as normal string, but I didn't get success. I wonder that some unicode characters are not 1 space, but can be 2, 3,... spaces and some unicode characters is not shift left to right, but is right to left. So the index of normal string can not be done.

      Anyone can help me please !