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    Conditional Required Fields


      I have a form that will be submitted via email.


      I have a number of Required Fields on the form that are validated automatically prior to submission, but there is one section that's a bit tricky and may require some JavaScript that I haven't been able to work out despite searching these forums.


      There are 3 checkboxes on my form that work a bit like radio buttons, but not.


      Checkboxes "A" and "B" can be selected independently or together, but checkbox "C" can only be selected on it's own.


      I have a JavaScript to automatically de-select both "A" and "B" if checkbox "C" is selected.


      I have another JavaScript that automatically de-selects "C" if either "A" or "B" (or both) are selected.


      This requirement prevents me from making any of these checkboxes "Required Fields"


      But I need to verify that at least one of the three boxes is selected before the form can be submitted.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Thanks, Steve