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    Masks won't display live


      Hello everyone,

      Since I installed CC 2017, it seems my masks won't display correctly. Whenever I change the shape of the masks, AE only displays the previews result. Let me show you what it looks like :


      Capture d’écran 2017-02-27 à 12.33.35.png


      Here, my mask is the pink one, there's no other one. Its previous position was what's displayed here, the oval shape. So yes, it works when I work directly on the footage, but I need to adjust the mask to the rest of my comp, frame by frame, so I'm not going to change from the footage window to the comp one every frame.

      I tired changing the quality of the preview, changing from "full" to "half", it forces my computer / AE to re-calculate the image, so it works too… but only for one frame, cause the problem is still here if I try to move the points again. I never had this problem before CC2017.


      Anything I missed? Any advice?


      Thank you,