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    InDesign CC2017 crashes when I quit


      I use InDesign CC2017 predominantly for book design/layout on a 2015 27-inch iMac running OS 10.12.3. About 90% of the time when I have worked constantly for a few hours and go to quit out of InDesign the program crashes before it can quit/shut down properly and I get the crash dialogue box. Something is obviously not right: I've emptied the caches; re-set the preferences; re-installed the program ...but nothing stops it crashing - why?


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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try going to Advanced Type preferences and turning off the two checkboxes under Type Contextual Controls.

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            nelliebob Level 1

            Thanks Steve – I'm away tomorrow but will try this when working again on Wednesday and will let you know how it goes...

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              wrensauer Adobe Employee

              Hi Nelliebob,


              Did Steve's suggestion solve the crashing issue? Let us know if you still need assistance.




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                nelliebob Level 1

                Hi Steve (and Wren)


                Sorry for not responding sooner but I've been away for 3 weeks. This is my first morning back ...and I have the same issues: InDesign was generally running slowly and not being responsive - I was unable to duplicate items as usual by holding down alt/option and dragging them whilst using the item tool, so I decided to quit InDesign and to start it up again – as soon as I went to quit, the program crashed again!


                I don't think it's anything to do with the particular files that I work on, but I believe it's an issue/conflict with InDesign and my system.


                Any further suggestions would be most welcome!


                Cheers, NEIL

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                  nelliebob Level 1

                  Hi Wren


                  Interesting – I had notification from Extensis yesterday about update 18.2.2 for Suitcase 7 (which I use all the time for font management). Amongst the things the update claims to have addressed are:

                  Suitcase Fusion 7 – Version 18.2.2

                  • Fixed an issue where After Effects CC 2015 running on Mac OS X 10.9 could not be quit after creating a new composition. [FS-4104]
                  • Fixed an issue where InDesign CC 2017 running on any version of macOS would crash when exiting. [FS-4119]
                  • Fixed an issue where packaging a project from InDesign CC 2017 running on Mac OS X 10.11 would cause a crash. [FS-4133]


                  I've just installed the update, so lets see if it works...

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                    nelliebob Level 1

                    ...Suitcase Fusion update has been installed for a couple of weeks ...no joy, still crashing regularly when I quit ...and crashing more frequently when I'm working!


                    Any suggestions?

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                      Monica Singh Adobe Employee

                      Hi nelliebob,


                      InDesign has also pushed a new update providing fix for various crashes and other stability related fixes.

                      I would recommend you to install that and see if your issue is resolved with that.


                      If in case you are still facing the issue, please share your crash report wth me and send the crash to Adobe via Adobe Crash reporter Dialog(it pops up right after InDesign crashes)

                      Or, you can send your crash report at monsingh@adobe.com



                      Monica Singh

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                        nelliebob Level 1

                        Hi Monica


                        Thanks for you recent response.


                        I did install the new InDesign update …but still no joy – InDesign is still crashing when I quit out of the program.


                        This morning I finished a couple of hours work on a job and went to create a press-quality PDF to send to my client and InDesign crashed when processing the PDF (as it did last time I had to make a PDF from a document).


                        I have attached the crash log from the this morning’s crash to an email.


                        I’m convinced it is not a problem with the actual files that I’m working on, but an issue with the program itself or it’s a compatibility issue which is clashing with something in my system – either way, this is becoming very disconcerting and breaking my work-flow.


                        Kind regards