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    Adding a topic at a specific level

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      I imported a framemaker file in order to create my robohelp source content. In the Project Manager I have a Project Files folder, Broken Links, URLs, TOC, Index, Glossary, and See Also. Within the Project Files folder are all my topics listed alphabetically, each with a HT and TOC sub file. My question is, how do I add a Heading 4 topic and have it be associated with a specific path? By path I mean a specific Heading 1-3, where this topic will be one of many Heading 4s. This is hard to explain, please let me know what info I can provide to better help you come up with a solution.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi all

          This question has also been posted over on the HATT list. I replied with the following on HATT:
          Hi there

          Are you trying to add the "Heading 4" topic (whatever that is) in Frame or in RoboHelp?

          I saw your query on the Adobe forums but I think your use of "Heading 4 Topic" is probably confusing the issue if it's RoboHelp. In RoboHelp, we have individual topics. The topics themselves may contain Headings 1 - 6, but we have no clue what you mean by a "Heading 4 Topic". This is why I'm wondering if you are referring to Frame.

          Cheers... Rick