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    Slices in Fireworks

    lpaquinhand Level 1
      I have a page in Fireworks where I have a placeholder to the left and a different size placeholder to the right of the page. I created slices over these. The slices are different sizes. After I export and place into Dreamweaver I delete the placeholder and place my text in. Because the slice on the left of the page is longer than the slice on the right of the page, I get white space in different areas of the page when viewed in explorer. I noticed that the white space is created when I extend my left side text beyond the slice of my right side. If I stay the same size as the right slice, it looks fine. Is there a way to avoid this? It's like the slices are connected but they aren't. Please help if you can.
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          pixlor Level 4
          Fireworks makes a hard-coded table to represent your page layout. When you delete the placeholder images and replace them with text, there is no guarantee that the sizes of the cells will retain the sizes specified by Fireworks. Your table breaks.

          What you should do is make your graphics in Fireworks and your HTML in Dreamweaver. Fireworks is a graphics program, it is not a WYSIWYG HTML development environment. The code it produces is intended to be used for mockups and prototypes, not for real sites. Build your HTML from scratch in Dreamweaver and you won't have the problems you get trying to modify Fireworks' fragile HTML.