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    Copying between images



      I'm not too much of a fan with Photoshop CC2017 when copying layers from one image to another.


      In this example, with the left hand image 'active', clicking on a layer & dragging it right hand image works OK, but gets a bit fiddly when trying  to move, for example, the numbers in the blue discs.  If I highlight the layer that I want in the Layers Panel, I still have to exactly hover over the number to copy it or I would get either the background layer (map) of the blue disc.


      Whereas, in Photoshop CS6 copying layers could be done by either right mouse clicking over the image to select either the number or blue disc & simply drag it across with mouse pointer anywhere on the LH image to the right hand image.  Highlighting the layer in the Layers Panel would achieve the same effect.  The advantage of CS6 is that if you wanted to make several copies of the same layer, this could be done by simply going back to the left hand image & repeating  the process again.


      Is there a way that the methodology for highlighting the individual layer can be changed from CC20-17 to CS6?