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    No extensions in CC 2017

    Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

      I do not see an Extensions entry under Windows menu. Neither in Mac OS X Sierra nor Windows 10.


      I tried uninstalling, cleaning, reinstalling. No show.

      I tried uninstalling all previous extensions. No show when I tried to Browse Add-Ons and install a new one.


      Related to wanting to see extensions:

      I have been researching how to develop a new plug-in, but the Adobe Extension Builder 3 seems to have stopped at CC 2014. Using it with Eclipse for writing html-ish code has brick walls to hit when it comes to CC 2017. The forum comments are few and far-between and thin, too. The old Configurator stuff is not allowed anymore because it was Flash-based.

      Can anyone steer me out of this dead-end? What tools work? Is InDesign CC 2017 unable to do plug-ins?


      Mike Witherell in Maryland