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    Running Headers problem


      Running Headers are made with Variable Text 'First on Page'. Source paragraph style is in nonprinting text frame on the margin of each page. Running Header frame and nonprinting source text frame are placed on Master Pages.

      Sometimes Running Header is different on each page, sometimes it's the same on a few consecutive pages. In original indd file made in CS6 everything works fine. There is a problem after export to idml file and open in CS6 or CC on PC or Mac.

      A few of the Running Headers on the left pages of the spreads (when there is no new Running Header, and they should take source text from the previous right page) 'don't see' source text on the previous right page and take the source text from the previous left page. After Cut and Paste in Place this feral source text frame on the right page, next page Running Header works again.

      It happens only (but not always) with moving from one spread to the next one, i.e. right page with new RH, next left page with RH from previous (RIGHT) page, but incorrectly there is RH from previous LEFT page.

      It never happens on the same spread - right page always takes RH from the left page (if there is no new RH on the right page).

      This problem is on MacOS Sierra, Windows 10, Windows 7 64 bit. Indesign 5, 5.5, 6, CC

      Please help us to find the reason and the solution.