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    ePub 3 issues

    Vectar Level 1



      I recently made a simple ePub test and on my Mac, iPad, iPhone and Windows it works fine. However Android has some bugs.



      • Object state images are not shown complete, it loads half of the images in the object state
      • When using buttons, when tapping the buttons, the buttons work but also the library and scroller popup on the screen. This should normally happen when tapping on plain content not on a button. On the iPad this works good
      • When I do a page jump and than swipe to the next. The next page appears to be the same page as I was on, when I than swipe again, the next (correct) page appears.



      • One issue came up when viewing in the windows Digital Editions App. The font's where not correct, it shows a different font. This I can solve by creating outlines, but on the Mac, iPhone and iPad the fonts are all good.


      Does anybody have the same issues or know a solution? The content is really plain. Home page with page jump buttons, second page has a simple object state, third page a video. No design just pure testing.


      Best regards,