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    Out of Storage?


      How do I free up storage space on my Lenova computer? When I try to import more photos, a message says I'm out of storage, which must be due to photos. I've tried deleting hundreds, and also emptying the recycle bin, to no avail?

      Under LR, I'm showing +12,000 photos. But under catalogs, folders and collections, the number is much less than the 12K. There are 4,000 in the "missing" file; where are they...are they taking up space?

      Could I have duplicates in the Lenova photo program, same as in LR. Is there a good way to identify such?

      One option...I have a WD Passport, and already have many pics on it, but could store more there. But first I want to understand where is the occupied space?


      Please help; thanks