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    Photoshop is scaling my Prints up without my permission?


      I try to print from Photoshop cc 2017 to HP Z5400 (everything updated, reinstalled, etc.) and Photoshop is deciding to rezie my print. In my case it is scaling the final print up. For instance look at the images I am providing and keep in mind that scale to fit and all of that is turned off everywhere I could possibly find it. I know it is a Photoshop to printer issue because if I save my Photoshop file as a PDF and print from acrobat it works fine. I understand the sane thing to reply back with is just print from Acrobat but why is this happening? The exact same file is printing differently depending on if it was printed from Acrobat as PDF or from Photoshop as PDF. Photoshop is rescaling every type of file...not just PDF. I thought I would show this example because it is obvious there is something going on when printing from Photoshop. Can someone please enlighten me as to why this is happening? I need to print from Photoshop but I can't because my prints are being rescaled?