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    Printing directly with type/vector graphics from Photoshop?

    FauxtoGuy Level 1

      I am a retoucher and Photoshop is my primary production tool.


      I occasionally print posters and other promotional materials (to offset or high speed digital print services). I produce those files using indesign or illustrator so the text & other vector graphics will be sharp. The photo files are placed/imported within the doc. I typically supply high res PDFs for reproduction output.


      Is it now possible to print image files with text & vector graphics entirely in Photoshop? I have always assumed that text output in PShop would be rasterized, and be too soft for printing. But perhaps with smart objects or even more recent updates, I'm hoping I can now create high res files with text, vector graphics etc. entirely within Photoshop?



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          I do not do anything like you do. I don not install Illustrator however if you save you Illustrator work into *.AI files I believe you can use Photoshop File>Place to place them into Photoshop as smart object layers any these  .AI object are special they vector smart object. Normally pixels are generated by Photoshop for smart object and are used for the layers content these smart object layers resize via interpolation using these pixels not the actual object even when the object  contents is all vector graphics.  You also do not want to open an .AI file in Photoshop because Photoshop doe not have support for .AI file but can open the as ESP or PDF file ant scale the contents to some layer size.  From the on scaling is done via interpolation.  What I believe a vector smart object is is. that the object is the .AI file that is scaled like Photoshop scale a .AI as it opens an .ai file.   Every time you scale a placed .ai smart object layer it is like Photoshop is opening an .AI file into a different size Layer. This scaling is done using vector graphics where possible into a the layers composite.