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    Illustrator sucks


      Just thought I'd drop in and mention how much I dislike your product, because that's how pissed off I am.


      I'd been using the Illustrator Draw app on Android for quite a while, until suddenly there was a new update called something like Vectors.  After the update, I was suddenly required to create an account, albeit free, and I couldn't access any of the content I'd already created until afterward.  Kind of crappy, but sure, I went ahead and created my free account, only to discover that all of the content that I'd created prior to the update has vanished.  Gone.  Charts that I'd created for my classes, gone.  Notes that I'd jotted down, gone.  Important dates and numbers that I needed to remember, gone.


      So thanks for that. [removed by moderator]




      Someone who is no longer a customer.