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    Help me solve this mystery. LR dates/export issue - was fine, now not :-(




      I'm pretty new to LR, and I've either messed it up royally, or something has changed that I'm not aware of.


      My workflow is this.... I have a Mac and Macbook Air, although generally only work on the Mac with LR.


      I store my photos in Google photos (hard dump from camera), then download and import into LR and then develop I used an export to reduce the file size and then I import those files into my Wordpress blog.


      Finally, I copy one set of the edited photos into Apple Photos, and then another set of the edited ones back into Google photos.


      Up until the last few days, this seemed to work fine. That is, the location and the original dates were maintained correctly, so in Apple photos they were date sorted correctly and the locations listed.


      Now, all hell has broke loose and I'm not sure what I've done.


      When I export, the created/modified date changes to when it was edited. So, if I continue with my workflows they end up wrong in Google Photos/Apple Photos plus without location info,


      I've spent an afternoon Google, Youtube, reading, even trying A Better Finder Attributes but I'm bushed.


      I can't work out what I've done wrong, what has changed and why I'm not having this problem when I didn't seem to before.


      Any help would be gratefully appreciated


      With thanks


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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Digital pictures have two sets of dates.

          In the EXIF data: capture date, software edit date.

          On the file system: date the file was created, date the file was modified.

          These two date systems have nothing to do with each other.


          When your image was created in the camera, the capture date and the file created date were the same.

          When your image file was copied to your hard drive, the file created date might have been preserved, and the file modified date may have been updated at the time of the copy.

          At no time did any of this change the capture date and the software edit date.


          When you export your edits out of LR, a brand new file is created. This gets a new file created date and file modified date.

          The image captured date in the EXIF is still what it was. The software modified date in the EXIF is probably now the date of the export.


          Many image viewer programs look at the wrong date when sorting image files. People often want the files sorted by the capture date, but many image viewers do not look at the EXIF data and instead wrongly use the file creation date.


          While most of my image viewer programs correctly do this, I also hedge my bets by renaming the image files to match the capture date so that sorting by name gets me the correct sort by capture date, with or without the EXIF data being present or read.