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    PSD Validator/Rule Checker


      Not sure if anything like this exists aside from the web version of the PSD validator (PSD Validator – Find out how well your PSD files are structured)

      But I was looking for a script or tool that I can use on my home computer instead of uploading a PSD. I work with proprietary graphics that have many design and layout rules that need to be applied to them prior to being released for XML building.


      Basically I'd like to:

      • Define the rules that are required for each asset (i.e. line divider height = 2px, font color = #5a5a5c, etc.)
      • With the PSD opened, run the script to check for these defined rules
      • Have a log output of any errors


      Reason for this - There are so many design-specific rules for specific assets within 1 PSD that it is very difficult to keep track of everything, especially when you are working with close to 600 PSDs or more a week.


      I'm hoping something like this exists, as I am not sure how to build it myself.



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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          A PSD can have any structure can even be just a single layer.  Photoshop items can have no pixels or shape like for example layer styles are rendered by Photoshop in a PSD they are just a settings for Photoshop to use the render layer effects. Photoshop is also not a file editor it edits documents not PSD files.  It save document in some state into PSD files. Layer comps provide different viewed of the layer stack structure composite.  What makes one structure valid and an other structure an error. Do you have rules for what is valid in and what is not valid for you documents? Are the valid groups and non valid groups.  Do you have rules for what is valid you for you documents that developers must adhere too. Have you made rules like what you linked too.


          Photoshop Etiquette advocates for an organized approach to web design.


          A script can loop through a documents layer and fine out attributes they have but analyzing a document structure I feels is a quite the task. That would require rules and a great deal of programming. Programming that in a script is a tall order and such a script may take forever to run for scripting code is interpreted over and over it not compiled code. Scripting code does not perform well.  Adobe Photoshop DOM does not cover all Photoshop Features.  Action Manager code is not easy to create and all thins Photoshop can not be done with action manager code.