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    Can't manage to see BBC news clip - Flash appears installed but doesn't work


      I have an old Macbook, OS X 10.11.16, and using Safari 10.0.3 (as far as I can tell, the most recent version)


      I have tried all the advice given on the regular sources: 

      - I have enabled adobe in Safari Preferences,

      - I have uninstalled and reinstalled,

      - last couple times I reinstalled I was sent to another Adobe page for Flash goodies,

      - my computer says I have the most recent version of Adobe installed, and

      - the clouds moved on the little image thing that says that if they move you are good to go...


      and yet when I try to watch the BBC news clip I am interested in I get the message "Sorry, you need Flash to play this.  Enable it in your browser or download Flash Player here." 


      Any suggestions?