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    Adobe Digital Editions 4 Not Responding




      I have downloaded Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 and when I download a book from Google Play Books it locks up on "downloading content." I will have to then use the task manager to terminate Adobe Digital Editions.


      After terminating ADE, I will launch ADE 4.5 and discover that the book appears on my bookshelf. When I try to access the e-book, it locks up again. Then I will have to use the task manager again to terminate ADE. However, this time, there will be another copy (two) of the same e-book.


      This e-book will open using ADE 3. I have also attempted to uninstall and re-install the application. I have de-authorized the computer several times. And deleted the Adept registry key.


      ADE 4.5 will read the PDF version of the ACSM file and not the e-pub format.


      Any suggestions?