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    Issues with table of contents links viewed in Reader on Windows Phone

    bkh185 Level 1

      For my business, we are attempting to use Adobe Acrobat Reader on our Microsoft Lumia 640 XL. Our documents utilize a table of contents and allow the user to tap on the item they which to navigate to. The links in the table of contents work fine when viewed on a PC. When the document is viewed on the Windows phone, the links appear not to match up with the item tapped. What we have discovered is when the user taps on the text in the table of contents, they often are taking to the item in the list above the item they are trying to navigate to. What we have found is the tap-able (or touchable) area is actually below the text itself on each line, so that is why the user is being taken to the item one above the desired item. It is very hard to describe this without showing someone who is using Reader and seeing what I am describing.


      I did read the article about hyperlinks in documents being problematic on the mobile platform, but it appears these links in the table of contents are not hyperlinks. I am unsure how they are linked in the document.


      Any ideas on a solution for this problem? The Adobe Acrobat Reader is the best reader we have found for the purpose we want to use it for, but we want to be able to offer our users the option to navigate the document through the table of contents.