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    Issue with arabic fonts on ID CS6



      We are having an issue when using certain Arabic fonts on InDesign CS6. It seems that the font characters shown on the InDesign are different comparing to MS Word when pressing on the same key on the keyboard. Plus the Arabic font family seems to be listed more in MS Word than in InDesign.

      Any advice?


      Screenshots attached:


      Font display comparison:



      Font family list:




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          Zaid Al Hilali Adobe Community Professional

          Apparently the font was developed to work with MS. Office. If you've purchased this license, contact the developer and ask them to support you by making the font work with Adobe applications.


          On the other hand the font may be corrupted in the first place and MS Word is substituting the font for you and displaying characters from a system font. Test this font on another computer to verify whether the font is healthy.


          As for font name shorter in InDesign, it is how the developer generates the font as they make it, apparently the font is not tested by developer on Adobe apps.

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            salasiahr28981982 Level 1

            Hello Zaid. Thank you for the detailed feedback. We will update in case we have further questions.