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    Re-Ordering Collection Folders?

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      I have a number of folders in a collection set in LR 6, that I would like to re-order, beneath each other, in the order that I will use in a talk. I don't to rename the folders, but as they are now showing in alphabetical order, they are out of sequence for my talk.


      Can someone advise me if it's possible to re-arrange the order in which they sit beneath each other, without renaming them, or am I asking the impossible?


      Thanks for any advice.



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          "without renaming....impossible?"- yes!

          Collections always sort  "Alpha/Numeric"


          Keep the names as they are, just insert a number sequence in front of the names (by renaming). They will then sort as you want, the numbers will not be too distracting. And also put (by drag&drop) the 'talk' collections in a Collection Set.


          Quote "I don't to rename the folders,"

          Note: this is NOT renaming the folders where the originals are located. This is only renaming the Collections where they appear in the Collections Panel of Lightroom.


          My Talk Set

             01 Zebras

             02 Elephants

             03 Tigers

             04 Antelope

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            Adareimages2 Level 1

            That's perfect! Thank you very much!