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    Color changes when going from Library to Develop module

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      I have just loaded my images to Lightroom CC. Everything looks great in Library.  When I jump to Develop module the images look great for a second or two but then there is a weird color shift. It almost is like the White Balance is off. WB is set to "as shot" and I just checked my camera the setting is "auto". If I change the WB to "tungsten" it is almost the way it should be.

      Has anyone else seen this?

      I have tried searching the forum but probably am not suing the correct wording as I have had no luck.

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What camera calibration profile are you using in the camera-calibration section? The change you are describing is typical for what happens after loading a new image if you go very quickly into Develop (i.e. before Lightroom had a chance to generate a new preview). You will first see the jpeg preview that the camera embeds in the raw file. Then when you shift to Develop, it will load the actual raw data and render it using its default settings. By default this uses the "Adobe Standard" camera profile. This will render colors somewhat different and usually somewhat more "cold" than the in-camera jpeg. If you want similar rendering to the in-camera jpeg, you should use on of the camera-matching profiles such as camera standard which are meant to approximate the in-camera jpeg.