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    Adobe Presenter 11 Quizzes are still full of errors

    franv64283341 Level 1

      After an entire workday of trying to find solutions myself, I spent 3 hours in total today in the Adobe chatroom trying to solve the (very) old problem of getting an error screen after trying to change a quiz in a presentation. Save the presentation and start powerpoint up again.


      No matter what quiz I use, no matter how precise I am working it is still giving an error and even the helpdesk doesn't know why.

      We tried:

      1. getting rid of a possible corrupted slide and insert a new quiz

      2. throw away all the quizzes in the manager and start over

      3. copy the quiz to a new presentation (still an error)

      4. uninstall and re-install presenter 11

      5. check if there is no presenter 10 debris left (there wasn't)

      6. let the helpdesk make a quiz (met with the same error in the end)

      7. check if the preview was different than when published (yes, preview sucks with quizzes anyway)

      8. tick and un-tick the answer/result/report/option boxes


      and maybe I forgot a few things.


      So now the helpdesk doesn't know what is left to do. And he tells me to:

      1. work very precise with a quiz, do not make errors and do not go back afterwards and change things in the quiz, because that's what triggers the error message. But if my employer wants things changed later on..... I have to do the quiz all over again????

      2. do not un-tick answer/report/option boxes, if I don't want them I have to drag them outside of the slide so the viewer won't see them. (and I don't want most of them! So this is extra work and why are the boxes there then if I can't use them??)

      3. make the quiz in a new separate document and import it into the presentation


      Okay, all these things I do.....and guess what.... still the error message appears after I inserted the 5th quiz in my presentation. Yes at the 5th.... I was lucky.

      This is simply unworkable!!!! It is supposed the have these wonderful quizzes and they do not work. And the worst part is, in the forum this problem was known in 2010 and it still isn't solved! Although the helpdesk did everything they could think of today, I still am facing all these errors and losing precious time in my project.


      Just in case anyone has a bright idea, this is my setup: windows 10, powerpoint 10, presenter 11.

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          franv64283341 Level 1

          I thought to give it one more shot with the helpdesk (3rd chat session) , hoping some other employee might have the answer.

          1. I was advised to shut down anti-virus checkers. Didn't work. Error message came up again.

          2. I was advised to start up in safe mode. Nice try, powerpoint won't start up in safe mode because MS needs to read the license and it can't in safe mode.


          I guess the helpdesk people grew very tired of me and the problem they can't solve.


          I can only say: you're better than this Adobe! Fix this bug.