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    Premiere Elements 15 won't close


      I searched but couldn't find anything on this specific problem. . . After saving my work, I click to close the program and nothing happens. I end up having to 'force close' the program. This only happens when I open the program from my desktop shortcut. I can edit to my hearts content, and save my work, but when I go to close it just sits there. The red X turns gray, but that's it. Nothing else happens. But if I open my saved work, the program opens fine, I can edit, everything works AND it closes without out a problem. Also, if I open my saved work, and then click File - New, I can create a new project, edit, etc., save, and in this instance the program will also close without a problem. So it only happens if I open the program from my desktop shortcut (open the program directly - a blank project).


      I'm on Windows 10 Pro, fresh install on a brand new higher end computer that is working flawlessly with all other programs. BTW, I am on the trial version of the program (first day at it actually). Not sure if that has something to do with it or not. I am loving the software otherwise, but this problem has me concerned and a bit frustrated. Thanks in advance for any thoughts, fixes or suggestions.


      Mike B.