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    Shift + Alt + Command - short cut keys not working


      Hi there,

      I have been called to me client site and they are using inDesgin CS5.5 and illustrator  CS5.1and they have informed me that the Shift + Alt + Command - short cut keys not working, especially in illustrator where it would resize the image and maintain the aspect ratio and then copy the image on a plane


      does anyone know how to restore these functions ?


      they are using an Apple Mac - Mac OS 10.12.3





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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          InDesign 5.5 or CS6 are not supported under El Capitan or Sierra. Your client needs to upgrade to InDesign CC2015/2017

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            BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

            There are alternatives to those keys in both apps—and if it is an incompatibility problem as Derek suspects, they would be a good workaround until you can upgrade the software or downgrade the operating system. Also, try rebooting and only opening those two apps. We've seen conflicts from other programs get in the way of the modifier keys.


            In InDesign—Select the object and use the Control panel. From left to right:

            1. Use the middle handle in the proxy to resize from the center out (substitute for Opt)
            2. Change the Width and Height values, maintain the aspect ratio (substitute for Shift)
            3. Turn on Auto-fit (not pictured) (substitute for Control)

            InDesign CCss_010.png

            In Illustrator—the same commands are in the Transform panel:

            Adobe Illustrator CC 2017ss_006.png

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