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    Missing Popupmenues after some editing actions!


      I hope this is the right place to get support?



      • Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, Version: 2015.023.20070
      • Adobe Acrobat X, Version: 10.1.16

      Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise 64Bit-DE.Hardware:

      • Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-1630 v3 @ 3.70GHz
      • 16-GB Ram


      We use Acrobat in our Company on some Computers. For Instance since one of the last, from Adobe automatically installed Updates (unknown), we have Problems with the right-mouse-button Property-menue (or direct click on object->popup-menues / see picture). they dissappears after some actions.


      Problem: The Popup-Menues are lost or exists no longer (missing)! After...

      • we combine Pdf documents (merge) -> all popmenues are lost, or
      • we use Insert another Pdf from file, the Popmenues from the inserted file -> lost, or
      • we edit for example, the documents -open Properties, like the "Layout and Macnification" -> ok -> save -> reopen -> also lost!


      In this screenshot-area you can see a created popup-menue from which I talk:

      (normaly it pops up when you click at the object in the PDF or rmb-click) - this popups disappears as above described...