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    Unfortunately app has stopped


      I am using cli-6.3.0 and build.phonegap.com for create phonegap build. Build created successfully for IOS and android but when install on any android device it give error message when app open "Unfortunately app has stopped". It works fine for IOS

      Want to publish my app on play store urgently so please help me as soon as possible

      Application Id : 2397146

      Thanks in advanced

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Not enough information, unfortunately. It's probable that your code is doing something that causes the app to crash, or that there's a plugin that's causing the crash, but without seeing some code and some logs, that's going to be difficult to determine. If you can, post a gist of the output from "adb logcat" (limit it to around the time of the error). If you get any messages in the JavaScript Console (use chrome://inspect), post those as well.


          It would also help to see your config.xml file (minus secret/identifying information).


          It might also help to know what device(s) you've tried on (as well as OS version).

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            It is happening to me also.

            No Javascript error on chrome console when I open on http://localhost:3000


            How can I fix this?