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    Dragging CC Library Illustrator file as a composition

    Franck Payen MVP & Adobe Community Professional

      Hello. (note : I'm working in french, some menu items might be mistranslated)

      I built an Ai file with layers to import into Ae.

      I saved it both as a CC asset in a CC library, and as a regular file on the finder (I'm on Mac)



      in After, I set up my Import preferences / drag multiple assets / to Composition - keep layer size



      When I drag my .Ai from the finder, I have the expected comp with layers inside Ae


      If I drag from the CC Library I get a pseudo element asking for a licence :


      If I change the pref to import multiple drag > footage, I get, as expected an Ai footage file. I can still work with this, but it takes more time.

      Am I missing something ?