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    Compatibility issue with different sessions


      Hi, I use 2 sessions on a Mac ( Macbook Pro El Capitan )

      info : issue occures on XD


      I did a backup copy of the files from another session to mine. The files are not locked or with special rights ( both sessions are admins ).

      I can't open all the XD created on the other session. I have an error message "Error on loading the document. Invalid type of document" ( I don't have the english exact sentence, this is my translation for support purpose ).

      I do have some skills on Mac rights but all seems normal on my first view.


      Is there something special to do when opening an XD file created by someone else on another session ?


      FYI : I have no similar issues with other Adobe files.


      Hope I'm clear enough !

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          DBooth_Adobe Adobe Employee


          Sorry to hear about the issue.

          Can we ask for a few more details?

          Were the files created with an earlier version of XD? If so, which one?

          Where were you saving to? Something like a Dropbox folder?

          Does it happen only with these files? Can you open XD, make a new file. Save, copy and then open the copy?

          Was there an error number in the message?

          Can you send us a version of the original and the backup?

          Also, can you clarify if the original files were created by you or someone else?


          Donald Booth

          Adobe XD Quality Engineering

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