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    How to setup landscape pages long-edge bound?

    tobiask43046735 Level 1

      Some pages (usually both of a spread) in our documents are supposed to be landscape oriented and also appear adequately rotated both in InDesign and in the resulting PDF. The methods I've tried so far all have some shortcomings:

      • Simply rotate the spread view (and text frame): Doesn't store page orientation in the PDF, so one has to manually rotate the pages there again.
      • Create a landscape page master: Does store page orientation, but having to landscape pages next to each other instead of atop each other (as the rotated spread view would do) is suboptimal for screen display since it involves lots of scrolling. And the portrait pages are bound on the short edge instead of the long one. The PDF looks good, but editing is cumbersome.
      • Create a landscape page master, rotate the pages 90° counter-clockwise, rotate the spread 90° clockwise: Now we're talking, getting the best of the previous two methods. Except, any new page applying this page master still needs those rotations manually applied again, which means it's tedious for longer documents...

      So, is there a fourth way I don't know about yet? Or any other suggestions how to properly treat rotated page views?